We always had to think of cleaning our teeth in seconds but that never happened. But now a French company named FasTeesH presented a very new concept for cleaning your teeth in just 10 sec. You guys must be thinking of those Oral-B electric brushes but “No, the design of this product is different”. You don’t have to use hands while cleaning. This product shocked and exited the public in CES 2020. They named this product as the Y-Brush.

Y-Brush is shaped and designed in the shape of the alphabet “Y”. The brush is cover with thin nylon bristles around the part that will go inside the mouth. You can clean your teeth one side at a time, 5 seconds each (Upper and Down). Only the manual thing you have to do is apply toothpaste.

How do this Y-Brush works?

So, the oddly shaped tooth-brush has a sonic vibration technology which gives the mouthpiece a vibration and the thin nylon bristles do their work. Also, the vibration had a three-level vibration with a single press of a button in the middle of the brush. The brush has three lines of bristles that cover the whole teeth. The company claims that the Y-Brush will remove 15% more plague than a normal/regular brush.

Y-Brush Demo

The Y-brush toothbrush will last for a month with a single charge and the charging dock or charging stand will be provided with the brush itself. The company FasTeesH suggests for changing the brush head every six months for the best results.

What else is included….?

Kids Toothbrush

The Y-Brush comes with two variants, one for children from ages 4 to 12 which is small size and the medium size which is suitable for anyone above 12 years. Inside the box of this brush, we get the brush, handle, USB charger, and the stand. Also, there are other variants in the brush bundle like Duo, Duo+, and Family+.

How much for the Y-Brush?

The Y-Brush price will start from $125 and the brush head which has to be changed every 6 months will cost $30.

The shipping of the product will be worldwide and it is available in the global market in the coming 1st quarter of 2020.

Y-Brush Toothbrush Demo

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