On the Annual F8 event in 2019, the social media giant from California announced their new UI in the Facebook Web version, but at that time it was on testing. But a couple of days back Facebook released its official new UI for the web version.

facebook new ui f8 event

Although, Facebook’s mobile application is always updated and gets new updates after every 2-3 weeks, but may users still love to use the desktop version i.e. the web version. For a long time, Facebook hasn’t done much on the desktop version but recently they launched their whole new UI for the desktop version.

What does it include in the new UI?

New Features

The new UI for the desktop version comes with many new features starting with the Dark Mode. As the Dark Mode is becoming famous in users so why Facebook stays behind, then the icons of the navigation have changed and now it’s much easier for your eyes to navigate rather than those previous bigger fonts and small icons. Now it’s easy to see all the groups and friend’s birthday.

How can you change Facebook New UI from the old interface?

As the new interface has been launched so obviously the new interface is will be changed to the new one by default but now in everyone’s case like me. Facebook is also analyzing the new UI that how many are sticking to the new interface. So, if you’re the one like me who didn’t get the new interface by default here’s how you can change it, it’s very simple just these steps:

1.Go to your Facebook Home Page

2. Then move your cursor to the right corner where you can see the drop-down arrow (just beside the bell icon where you can see your notifications)

Facebook Home Page

3. Click the arrow button then move your cursor where you can see “Switch to New Facebook

  • Facebook-Normal-Mode
  • Facebook-Dark-Mode

That’s it you are in the new Facebook UI. Also, if you didn’t like the new interface which I highly doubt that then you can also go back to the older one. Just follow the same steps above instead of “Switch to New Facebook” you will see “Switch to Classic Facebook”, click it and you are back to the retro version.

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