About a year ago Google introduced to a very helpful tool known as the Google Lens which can give information about any item scanned through the lens, for example, “you want to get information about a plant in your garden just scan the plant through Google lens and voila Google will show you all the information about that plant”. 

Slowly-slowly google has upgraded the google lens and now what we got a text scanner which can speak out loud in various languages and most important now you can click a text from your phone and copy anywhere into your computer. 

What other languages?

Google Lens could do a scan of texts and send it to your PC

Previously google lens could only translate text but google lens can now scan a foreign language and speak out loud on your phone, so if you have any difficulty in pronouncing a word now you can listen to the translator and speak yourself without any difficulty. 

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As Google is one of the most used and fast search engines in the world it just scans the text and search in its huge data center and shows you the exact result. Google’s AI as improved so much that it can understand the user what he/she wants to see. 

Their goal is to make you learn easier about certain concepts that you were reading about.

How the Google lens helps copy the text to your computer?

It sounds like a very Hi-Tech movie that you just click a text photo and it will scan that text and you have to just tap the paste button on your computer. But it’s for real Google is making the world a tech-world. 

So, you just scanned a real-life text from your phone and just press the copy to the computer then you will get a notification in your computer about the copy text just click on the notification and done, Ctrl + V (paste) anywhere you want on your computer. 

*But you should have the latest version of Google Chrome on your PC because it requires Google Chrome installed on your PC for now*

For now, this feature of Google Lens is only rolled out for Android users only but google made sure the iOS users will be getting this feature soon. 

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