It’s a technology in Twitter. The wiser you post and connect to others, the greater the chance you get to create a wider audience. The planning of your tweets is one of the best way to engage more with your followers. Most engagement takes place at certain hours, but then you may not be able to manually update the message. Although the official IOS and Android Twitter app does not allow you to schedule your tweets, there is another way to go.

Hootsuite and Buffer are just a couple applications from third parties that need to be tweeted. Nevertheless, you may use our own tools if you do not want to attach some other application or to delete your Twitter credentials. These resources might not be accessible on smartphone phones on Twitter, but there are many ways to use them on your computer to build a tweet and later plan. The first method below is better than the other so you can manage it more quickly..

Method 1: Use Tweet Deck

Although it used to be a third party product, the 2008 TweetDeck software was bought for $40,000,000 by Twitter in 2011. This settlement supported many archives, lists of tweets and scheduled tweets, right on Twitter. The TweetDeck is easier and less complicated than a different approach, but the functionality is minimal.. Yet TweetDeck is the way ahead for most of you.

Step 1 Sign in to TweetDeck

If you have signed into Chrome , Safari, Firefox or other web apps at you can use the Tweetdeck app directly through Twitter. Tap “Log In” and sign in to your Twitter Credentials after you open a link if you are not logged in.

Step 2 Compose A Tweet

You will compose one before a message can be coordinated.. To start one, tap the new icon in the top left. Instead, you can tap on any tweet in the feed section, and then click the response in the field to launch a new message.

Just like the Twitter app, you can write your tweet and add a photo, GIF, or video. If you answer a different tweet, press the expand button, the “Add images or video” button and other options, button on the box with the arrow pointing outwards.

Step 3 Now start scheduling Your Tweet

Tap the “Schedule Post” below the drafting after the message is finished and there will be a calendar. If the “Tweet Timeline” option does not appear, expand the draft window again, if you have a minimised view.

The time and date, including day, month and year, may be selected from the calendar. You may even use TweetDeck by design if you only want to run with it. Tap “Tweet at [time]” to schedule your post, with your date and time set.

Step 4 Manage Your Scheduled Tweets

You can view all your scheduled tweets through the scheduled tweets column. You can carry the tweet straight to the website after scheduling it, but also tap the clock icon on the sidebar panel (you may have to move up the bar to remove it), or tap the left clock from the home tab before you have hit it.

You may tap the icon next to a tweet in the scheduled table to remove it or tap the cray icon to delete it. When removed, you will revert to the expanded draft page, where the article can be edited, date and time modified, or media inserted.. And there’s more about that.

Method 2   Use Twitter for Business

It’s fast and simple to use TweetDeck, but it may be easier to plan a tweet with a Facebook for your company account if you decide to attach cards, surveys and promote them to your tweets (if you create a brand). You don’t ask, but anyone with a Twitter account always has a business page. In addition to coordinating posts, surveys, promotions, interest-based targeting may be tracked and more.

Even so, before you proceed, you must provide a debit or credit card to Twitter. The new tweet button is not displayed without it.

Step 1 Sign in to Twitter for Business

If you are still logging in to Twitter in Chrome , Safari, Firefox or another mobile browser, go to to use Twitter for Company Software. To enter your Twitter credentials, button on the 3-Dash menu icon above on the right, press “Login” If you are not logging on, then enter.

Step 2 Go to the Twitter Ad Page


You will be returned to the Business Twitter home page after you sign. Type “Let’s Go” into the Start ads on the Twitter banner and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can even visit just to get you to the same location.

Step 3   Request Its Desktop Site


You can generate advertisements and encourage tweets on the Twitter Advertising page, but we are not involved. We want to examine the analytics and instruments, but they are not visible on the mobile site. Also the mobile edition of the website may be ordered.

The method can vary depending on the web client and operating system you use. If you’re using iOS-based Safari (see the following picture), click “AA” at the left top and then “Website Client Application.” Go to the “Browser Platform” or “Internet Request Location” icon in Chrome , Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Opera or Android or iOS.

Step 4 Compose Your Tweet

The Twitter Advertising mobile edition should be semi-fixed, but you can get there by scrolling and clicking on the icons. In the top right of your profile pic, press the new blue tweet tab. The debit or credit card you have not added to your wallet has not been noticed because of the symbol. Tap your name or email, pick “Add new payment methods” and follow the directions for inserting the card. A fresh blue tweet will be shown later on.

You may attach a picture, video, card or poll to your tweet just as in the official Twitter app. On Twitter (which are photos and videos you have already uploaded) or in the smart Phone folder, you can browse through the media archive. Often, be sure to uncheck “Promoted-only” because if you don’t have an ad promotion, the message would just be “seen by people of the ad campaigns,” which would make little sense.

Step 5 Schedule Your Tweet

Now, prepare the tweet! Tap the drop-down button next to “Message” as the message is posted. To the left of the screen a pop-up appears: press the “Schedule.” On the left side of the phone

Then press the button indicating the date and time of the tweet. This will also be a chart, where the year, month, day, hour and minute will alter. Click on the “Schedule” blue button to prepare the message later.

Step 6 View Your Scheduled Tweet

When you prepare a post, a notification shows at the top of the page reading, “Tweet effectively planned,” but you can’t see it if you click on ‘Sight planned messages.’ Chalk up to a mistake, however they will still be shared while your tweets will not be shown on plan tweets.

Also in the top navigation bar, you can select “Creatives” and then “Tweets,” then filter to only show “Scheduled” tweets but we have not been able to show any, even if you finished tweeting ahead.

Be alert, thus. Make sure that your tweet is clear and planned if you want as this approach does not require you to adjust it. So TweetDeck is the right option for you if you’re serious about it.

Below you will see the Twitter tweet planned for this approach (although the planned tweet could not be identified in the tools).

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