The Chinese mobile giant Xiaomi recently launched there new MIUI 12 which comes with a hell lot of features. But among all of them the one which took users much of an attention is the new Super Wallpaper which is basically live wallpapers of Earth and Mars but very nicely animated and designed and really, I tested on my Redmi K20 it’s really amazing.

Can we install in other Redmi Phones?

As, Redmi K20 was my secondary phone I wanted the Super Wallpaper on my primary phone which was Asus Rog 2. Although, Asus have their gaming wallpaper but the new Super Wallpaper seems better to me. So, I researched on Google for this and you know what we can use these new live wallpapers in any Android Phone.


Steps to Install the Super Wallpaper into your Android Phone:

Before I start all thanks to linuxct from XDA Developers who provided these application and guide to install the Super Wallpaper. (All the steps here should be done on the phone where you want this live wallpaper)

1.Click on the Link given here and download the file which is around 298MB.

2. After you downloaded the file just extract the file.

3. Now after extracting you will see four APK files install all four one by one. (Don’t worry it will not damage your phone)

4. Now go to the Play Store and install the Wallpapers app from Google which is free. (This app will allow the Super Wallpaper to access) *If your phone runs on stock android then no need to download

5. Now, just open the Wallpapers app which your just downloaded from the Play Store and scroll down to the bottom of the Wallpapers app.

6. There you will see a Live wallpaper category, tap on it and you will see all the four Super Wallpaper which your installed at the beginning (Step 3)

Error in opening the Wallpapers App?

As the MIUI 12 is not launched for every Xiaomi Devices, so a Xiaomi device user also can follow these steps and enjoy the Super Wallpaper. But in some Xiaomi devices the Wallpapers app from Google in not opening then what can you do, here’s some steps:

1.Download an application Activity Launcher from Play Store (Free) which will trigger the Wallpapers app.

2. Now open the Activity Launcher and search for the Wallpapers app and expand the Wallpapers menu and tap on the first option after you expanded. This will take you directly to the Wallpaper app and after that just follow the pervious steps from above.

3. In case the expanded menu didn’t work, don’t worry just hold tap on the expanded Wallpapers icon and tap on the Create Shortcut option. (This will make a shortcut on the home screen)

4. Then follow the previous steps and voila the Live Wallpaper is Live

Super Wallpaper working perfectly

  • Earth Space View
  • Earth River View
  • Earth-Green
  • Earth-Glacier
  • Mars Space View
  • Mars

The Live Wallpaper do not drain a lot of battery. My phone has 6000mAH so I tested on one of my friends’ phone as well which had 4050mAH (mostly of the phones have this much of battery capacity). Now enjoy the live wallpaper on your phone and tell me which live wallpaper was your favorite on the comments below. Also, if you have any errors in installing the Super Wallpaper then do comment down below, we will definitely try to solve the error. Cheers…!!!

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