Before getting into how to find the Minecraft Netherite Armor lets know how to update this 1.16 patch.

The new update of Minecraft has been released on July 23rd , this new patch includes various things like the mobs, items, armors, resources and a new Nrther biomes added to the game. The update is available in both Java Edition as well as on the Bedrock Edition.

In case if the new patch is not automatically downloaded into your device then just follow this steps:

(If you don’t have the launcher just download it from here)

Windows 10

Mostly your will automatically get the update but if you didn’t got it then just go to the Microsoft Store, at the top right corner you will seen the three dots, click it and go to “Downloads and Updates”. Go to “Get updates” and the game game will get the update.


Go to your App Store or Play Store, search for the Minecraft, tap of it there you will find a update just click on it and wait to the update to get finished.


For the PlayStation 4, just go to the game’s setting but the “option” button then select “check for update”.

To know about the Patch Notes go here.

Now lets go check out how to get the Minecraft’s Netherite Armor:

1st Step:

Before you want the armor you have to collect on Netherite Scrap. To get this scrap you have to go to the Nether in your world and find the Ancient Debris. The Ancient Debris looks like a pale brown in color and has swirly patterns on the top of it.

After you found the Ancient Debris, you may need to use Diamond or a Netherite Pickaxe to mine it otherwise you cannot mine the Ancient Debris.

2nd Step:

Go out of the Nether safely back to your normal world as soon as you get the Ancient Debris. Now go to the Furnace and smelt the Ancient Debris by placing it on the top of it and sprinkle some Coal below it.

Wait for the progress bar to be completely filled you will see the Netherite Scrap. (1 Netherite Scrap per Ancient Debris)

3rd Step:

Now you have to go to the crafting table and combine 4 Gold Ingots with 4 Netherite Scrap which will create 1 Netherite Ingot. (4 Gold Ingots and 4 Netherite Scrap per Netherite Ingot)

4th Step:

With the Netherite Ingot now in your ownership, you should simply go to your Smithing Table. Making Netherite gear isn’t equivalent to making gear from various materials. Netherite gear is made by ‘overhauling’ your Diamond gear with a solitary Netherite ingot. Doing so will turn that protective layer piece, apparatus, or weapon into a Netherite bit of rigging.

Everything you do is place the Diamond protective layer, weapon, or apparatus in your Smithing Table and afterward the Netherite Ingot in the other. You should now observe your new Netherite gear standing by to be gotten in the extreme right-hand box. (You need 1 Netherite Ingot to upgrade 1 Diamond Armor)

That’s all you have to do and the Minecraft Netherite Armor is yours…!!!

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