PUBG is been the highest downloaded and plays multiplayer battle royal game in the history of gaming after Counter-Strike. It was released in 27th March 2017 on Steam which has around 350M players in the world.

After there huge success PUBG collaborated with Tencent Gaming and launched PUBG Mobile which has approx. 50M player online every hour. PUBG gained its fame in the Indian market from PUBG Mobile and on 4th of July 2019, they launched PUBG Lite on PC for those who have low-end PC.

Before going to the PUBG Lite tips, here are min. specs. to runs PUBG Lite:

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7,8,10, 64bit

CPU: Core i3 2.4GHz


GPU: DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000


Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows 7,8,10, 64bit

CPU: Core i5 2.8GHz


GPU: DirectX11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870


Now, coming back to the point about the PUBG Lite tips that where can I find a good lot to be armed and ready with the best guns in PUBG Lite there are five places:

1.    Sosnovka Military Base

  • Military Base Map
  • Base Full View
  • Back view of the base
  • Player dropping in Military Base
  • Player Searching for Loot

This base is the most popular drop-zone for people to land, as it has the one best loot you can find in any PUBG game. The hot-drop is not popular for the looting quantity but loot quality as well like the Level 3 setup, M24, flare gun, Beryl M762, etc. Military Base usually has snipers and high-powered scopes. Military Base is a huge spot that has been spread out into various territories. The players usually hot-drop in the Military Base because of OP (Over-Powered) loot to survive till the end.

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2.    Pochinki

  • Pochinki Map
  • Pochinki is My City
  • Player searching for opponent on the Roof
  • Combat in Pochinki

And now we more to the players most favorite location, Pochinki. This location is not just a location in the game is a brand for the tee-shirts and memes. As it is at the center of the map players jump at Pochinki to get a huge quantity of loot and the possibility of always being inside the first circle. This location is the best location for traveling to other locations by car or buggy. Going further in the PUBG Lite tips here comes the everyone’s favorite location GEORGOPOL.

3.    Georgopol

  • Georgopol Map
  • Dropping in Georgopol
  • Looting the containers
  • Waiting for the enemy

This hot-drop is situated at the north-west side of the map which is spread into two halves. The most famous is the Southside of the Georgopol which is full of containers and the loot quality and quantity is the highest in the whole map and at the north side of the Georgopol, there are just abandoned building which has a less quality of loot. South Georgopol is more popular among the two locations because of the containers, as the containers have loot inside and on the top as well.

4.    Novorepnoye

  • Novorepnoye Map
  • Novo Map
  • Waiting for Chicken Dinne
  • Level 3 Loot

Novorepnoye which is commonly known as just “NOVO” is located at the southern island of the map on the eastern corner of Erangle map. This location is the dockyard and it has containers like GEORGOPOL but here the probability of getting Level 3 equipments are more. It is the best place for the players who don’t want to go to the Military Base or you can say the best alternative for the Military Base. But Novo is in the corner of the map and chances are that it will be outside the first circle most of the time. Hence land here and be quick about looting.

This were some best locations to get the best loot in PUBG Lite. Additionally, I would like to add some more PUBG Lite tips in the guns. This are some of my favorite Assault Rifles with their Stats (in random order):

#Assault RifleAMMODamageMagazine
Fire Rate




#5Beryl M762
Also, there are some good places for good lots as well like Firing Range, Yasnaya Polyana, Shelter, Prison, Mylta Power, and Mansion.

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