Check out the top gaming news till may 2020: PUBG Mobile Season 13, Call of Duty Mobile Season 6, Google Stadia, PUBG Mobile Lite Apex Legends Season 5.

1. PUBG Mobile Season 13

The PUBG mobile has been the most played mobile platform game and from the start, it has been known for all regular updates and new seasons every 3 months. Season 12 was released in March 2020 and the update 0.18.0 was a huge success with the Golden Mirado in the Mad Miramar event.

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This time the Season 13 is coming with a “Toy Playground” theme which will include many new features and skins. Players will get ‘Cartoon Rangers’ in this toy-themed Royale Pass. They will get the chance to pick between ‘Ice Ranger’ or ‘Fire Ranger’ at Rank 50 and get the ‘Ultra Defender’ Set at Rank 100.

pubg mobile season 13

The ‘Puppet Agent’ outfit in the game will come in three structures. Players ought to show up at the most elevated position to refresh the outfit to mythic irregularity. To open cool overhauls for the outfit, players are required to complete ‘Toy Mastery’ of the ‘Puppet Agent’ course of action

Update 0.18.0

New Map

vikendi 2.0

PUBG mobile has introduced the new Vikendi 2.0 and also Miramar 2.0. Vikendi has now included a train and Miramar has included Golden Mirado inside the map due to fewer players playing both the maps.

Guns Skins

Pubg M season 13 gun skins

The new Season 13 has new Lego-style weapon skins including P92 and Vector. Also, this Season will include new skin for the AUG assault rifle.

New Emotes

Season 13 New Emotes

Emotes are always been very entertaining stuff in PUBG Mobile and in this season “Joyful Twist” will be a new emotes in the Royale Pass.

New Game Mode

Jungle Adventure is the name of the new game mode in Season 13.

To know more you can visit the official page of PUBG Mobile.

2. PUBG Mobile Lite V0.17.0

PUBG mobile lite was released on July 25th, 2019, this version was for the low-spec. mobile phones. At starting everyone thought that this version will not get much of attention but we were wrong the PUBG Mobile Lite has been downloaded above 100M users so here’s the new update patch of the Lite version.

Payload Mode

The primary update in the V0.17 is the Payload Mode which was presented in the PUBG Mobile a year ago which incorporates RPG-7 alone with helicopters.

New Weapons

New Guns in Pubg Mobile Lite

With the Payload mode maps changes and other improvements like a new spawn island in Varenga, new weapons like the Desert Eagle, and rebalancing the damage of SMG and Pistol. Now, PUBG Lite, has the BRDM-2 in the Flare guns drop outside the zone.


Other than this, players will likewise now get the chance to get to new capacities for BFF, Buddy, and Bromance to act out to companions and colleagues. As cooperative energy between players builds, more acts out can be opened. Different various changes incorporate alterations and bug fixes.

3. Call of Duty New Map

Activision’s FPS game the Call of Duty has been downloaded by more than 100M users and last week they announced about there new update. As they already released their Gold Rush event which was a great success. Here are the changes in the new update:

Call of Duty Mobile new Map

New features in the Call of Duty Multiplayer

As we know that Call of Duty has been for a long time in multiplayer gaming and there Free for All mode is one of the famous modes because in this mode players have to play as an individual i.e. “No Team-mates, you are on your own”. The player who hits the score limit wins.

So, the mode remains the same but the feature they added is the new Seasonal Challenges where players get new challenges and after completing them, they will receive new guns like an SMS and Cordite. But players can also buy the whole challenge series with money in the game.

Battle Royale

Undoubtedly, the Gold Rush occasion is by all accounts the main new component players can anticipate this month. In any case, the developers note that there are “increasingly significant changes in transit” and players can expect those in the following significant update, which is said to come in June.

call of duty mobile battle royale new map update

The engineers have prodded the development of the new guide to incorporate extra territories toward the north of the guide. The engineers additionally indicated the new territories for a couple of moments in a mystery video for the new Gold Rush occasion. According to that video, the new region will highlight areas, for example, Shipyard, Skitown, Black Market, Hospital and that’s just the beginning.

4. Mortal Kombat

The vintage game Mortal Kombat is all set to release their next franchise The Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath. It will offer a new in-game story and a more playable character.

As per the new form the Playstation, they announce the release date of the Aftermath will be on 26th May. Additionally, they also said that the story will start from where Mortal Kombat 11’s story ended.

Fire God Liu Kang

Fire God Liu Kang will be the new manager of time and defender of Earthrealm in Aftermath. The new characters added to the game are Fujin, Sheeva, and Robocop.


Fujin is the lord of wind who plays out the job of defender of Earthrealm close by his sibling Raiden. Sheeva is the four-furnished, half-human, and half-mythical beast sovereign of the old Shokan race. Then again, Robocop is an exceptionally progressed robotic cop. He includes the voice and similarity of entertainer Peter Weller, who played the famous character in both the first RoboCop (1987) and RoboCop 2 (1990).

“Related to the Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath discharge, all Mortal Kombat 11 proprietors will approach a free substance update highlighting new Stages, including the arrival of the Klassic Dead Pool and Soul Chamber fields,” said Warner Bros.

The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

5. Google Stadia

Google stadia will change the gaming experience in mobile but the Stadia is not gaining that much of popularity in the market. So, Google Stadia ties up with OnePlus and extends its supports to the upcoming OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

google stadia

Stadia’s Reach

Currently, Google Stadia is limited to just a couple of locales over the globe, much the same as its help is confined to a couple of cell phones as it were. As a Google administration, Stadia was good with the Google Pixel lineup of cell phones, barring the OG Pixel and the Pixel XL. Bit by bit, Stadia’s support was stretched out to other cell phone brands like Asus, Razer, Samsung, etc. What’s more, presently, OnePlus is added to the rundown.

Simultaneously, it ought to be noticed that the Google Stadia gaming administration is perfect with just a bunch of Android cell phones. Nonetheless, clients can get to it on any TV utilizing Chromecast Ultra and any PC or PC by means of the Google Chrome program. Likewise, it underpins practically all the mainstream gamepads right now accessible in the market.

6. Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends was released last year a free battle royale from Respawn, which got a lot of hype as after PUBG this new battle royale was a new concept will different abilities with different characters. On 12th May Season, 5 was released where a new legend was included named “LOBA”.

Story of LOBA

The story of Loba is connected to the previous season’s legend the “Revenant” who killed her parents when she was 9 years old and after that, she became a thief and her only goal was to kill her parent’s killer.  

Season 5

On 12th May the Season 5 was released and this time the Respawn developers have worked a lot on the update, as there are many patches in Season 5. But as soon as the update is been released there were some bugs in the new patch which was very annoying to the Apex Legends player as they were getting bugs.

What Bugs?

Apex Legends Season 5 Bug

Players were getting black textures in the map which made players very annoyed and also the unlocked legends were locked and the in-game coins were not loading which made players cannot select the new legend Loba.

But thanks to the developers of Respawn, they quickly noticed this error and updated on Reddit about the fix and told the players they are updating the bugs fix.

How it could be fixed?

Just go to the Origin game library

Click on the Apex Legends and go to the setting

Hit the Repair button

That’s it, it will automatically repair your game which will take around 20 to 30 min. which will be 30 GB and then after the repair it will download a 15 GB bug fix update.

So, if you are facing any issue just go and follow the steps and you will be after good to go.

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