Do you wonder how people can stream movies from different platforms with just a device and internet connection? Well, the answer lies in technology. Do you want to know about the technology behind movie streaming? If yes, we can help you. In this post, we are going to discuss the technology behind movie streaming sites. We will help you understand how the movie website owners develop their site to provide you with streaming services. So let’s begin. - HD Movies Online – Medium

Different Technologies used in Movie Streaming:

Here we will show you how a movie streaming website is developed by using different types of technologies. These technologies help you to stream any movie from your house quickly.

Website/ Application Development: Movies are mostly streamed directly from websites or movie streaming apps. So the most important thing here is a website. Without this, you cannot stream a movie. To develop websites, different coding languages are used. Most sites are created using JavaScript. Other coding languages include Php, NodeJS asp, etc. For smaller websites, people use WordPress and Joomla. In these websites, you can add various plugins and can take advantage of multiple themes. 

  • Website Functions and Management:

Merely creating a website is not enough. There should be different functions on the site. In a movie streaming website, you will find essential features like search option, Home, Menu, Pictures, Gallery, Membership option, Sign up option, Login Option. You will find the latest and trending movie options, etc. You have to manage all these functions as it keeps on changing constantly. You can use website plugins to achieve these functions.

  • Video Server/ CDN (Cloud Computing):

It is one of the leading technology that helps you to stream movies. The video server needs to be optimized to reach you, and you can stream without any buffer. From the user end, it is the speed of the internet that matters, but from the website’s purpose, it is the video server. AWS and Azure are mostly used to provide services. Apart from this, Cloudfront is also used. Akamai and Limelight are the CDN’s which are used. A CDN helps to transport the media files to the end-users. 

  • Transcoding:

As people have different devices and an internet connection, they need different formats or sizes for mobile streaming. Transcoding helps to do it. It is a very difficult process, and it is CPU intensive. Because of this, third-party technology is used. They provide transcoding tools which help you to receive movie streaming as per tour device and internet speed. A packaged solution can also be used for transcoding. AWS transcoder is mostly used. Zencoder can also be used for transcoding.

  • IT Security/ DRM:

Security is one of the important technology behind movie streaming. It helps to keep the videos safe on the site. Nobody can download it or share it without permission. It helps to stop piracy. The technology which is used here is encrypted video streaming. Most site owners use DRM’s. Video DRM’s are used for maintaining security. It is integrated with hosting to protect protected content from the site. Watermark technology and IP restrictions can also be used for security. It can be restricted as per the operating system used.

  • Customization:

When you stream a movie, there are various controls you need like volume changing, quality selection, full screen, and so on. The sire owners use HTML5 technology to provide all these functions. It also helps to customize the video players as per the website style and design. It helps to customize the flash player.

  • Analytics:

Analytics is another important aspect of movie streaming. The site owner needs data about the usage to improve the services. It also helps to know the user preference. Many site owners use technologies like big data to carry on analytics. It also helps to filter the data and report users. Owners can get per session data reports. 

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Emerging Technologies used in Movie Streaming:

Apart from this technology, there are emerging technologies that are used in movie streaming. Here is a list of emerging technologies.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Popular movie streaming sites like Netflix use the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. With this algorithm, they prepare the homepage with a recommendation to you. The artificial intelligence algorithm learns your patterns and provides you visual results.

  • Machine Learning:

By using Machine Learning, movie streaming sites uses an algorithm which helps users to find all the movies and show they have not watched yet. It helps to break their pattern and divert towards the content, which is not viewed by them.

  • Internet of Things:

With this technology, customers can connect the internet to their chosen device. The most common example is Alexa. It has reached movie streaming services too. Apple TV can be connected with movie streaming sites and can be controlled through the user’s voice.

  • Big Data:

As many users stream movies, big data is used by streaming sites to decide which movies will be of your interest. The recommendation is made using AI, ML, and big data.

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XR the Future of Movie Streaming:

  • XR: Extended Reality. It is the latest technology that will shape the future of movie streaming. XR = VR + AR + MR. It is a blend of all these three technologies that is Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.
  • VR: Virtual Reality technology has already been introduced in movie streaming. You can enjoy Netflix VR as well as Disney Movies VR. You can get a completely virtual environment experience by streaming movies in VR.
  • AR: Augmented Reality, you can touch and feel the virtual objects in the movie that are streamed. The $D movies you watch contain AR technology.
  • MR: Mixed Reality is when the virtual world is combined with the real world. You can interact with the virtual characters in the movie. It is still yet to be introduced in movie streaming.

Startup Movie Streaming Websites:

If you think Netflix and Amazon Prime are the only options for movie streaming, you are absolutely wrong. Here are two startup websites where you can easily stream movies. - Watch Movies Online Free (@gustatv_to) | Twitter


  • Latest/ Trending Movies and shows: You can visit and stream the latest and trending movies and TV shows for free. 
  • No registration: The best thing about this site is that you don’t have to sign up or register. All you need to do is visit the site and click on the movie you want to stream. 
  • Quality: You can stream movies in various quality. 
  • Ratings: You can check movie ratings as well. 
  • Request a Movie: You can also request a movie you want to stream.
  • Filter Search: You can also use filters to search.
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It is another website where you can stream movies for free. You will find all the movies you are looking for. You can watch movies of different qualities as well.

Instead of watching movies by paying subscription charges, you can stream your favourite movie for free on GustavTV or 123Movies.

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These are the different types of technologies behind movie streaming. It is safe to say that movie streaming is going to evolve in the next few years due to emerging technologies like AI, ML, and XR.

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