The video game is a very popular part of entertainment infect it’s the best form are entertainment if you are sitting at home and want to release your stress. By the study of how many hours users play video games on an average, it came out to be approx. 4 billion hours per week and in the last couple of years the popularity of multiplayer games has been increased and now on an average one user plays 2 to 3 hrs a day.


So, now what do you think after looking at these facts, do video games are a waste of time?

In a survey by Entertainment Software Association, they found that:
Video Games can change the world…!!!
  • Daphne Bavelier is a professor at the University of Geneva, who studies cognitive neuroscience. In 2012 the TED Talk show she showed that video games are most popular between 30 to 33 years old.  Also, 65% of a family they have at least one gamer who plays 3 hrs a week or more.
  • Gaming population is more popular in adult women (31%) than boys under 18 (18%).
  • The ratio (percentage) of video games played by men and women are 59% : 41% respectively.

Now, there are some misconceptions in people’s mind that games are just a waste of time:
1. Gamers don’t learn anything from video games:
Gamer don't learning anything from gaming

People who play games have a good coordination of their hands and eyes because in games you have to move your character based of what you see and also while playing multiplayer games players have to spot enemies either in an open field or in a camouflage, so these spotting enemies requires a great amount of concentration as well as colour spotting which is improving by gaming only.   

2. Playing games means you are wasting your time:

Waste of time

The games that everyone plays has a theme like Racing, Action, Strategy, Memory games or Brain games, etc.

  • Racing: Got to know about cars and bikes, how they work, what is an accelerator, clutch, and brake.
  • Action: About action games, I already mentioned you in the 1st point, helps with the eye and hand coordination.
  • Strategy: In a strategy game you learn how to clear a mission without dying or been spotted by enemies, how to build a house in low cost (Simulator games), how to attack an enemy base (games like Clash of Clans) etc. These games help us in taking the right decision for us in real life as well.
  • Memory or Brain games: From the name itself says that this category is for developing your brain, but this is also a game who thinks a waste of time.
3. Players can’t distinguish between Real life and Video Games:

Gamers Life vs Real Life

This is one of the biggest misconception people or a parent thinks that his/her kid will never be able to distinguish between real life and video games. Like I said in the previous point that games teach us to make the right decisions.

  • Games Exposes a kid to violence or kids liked Violent games only:

If this was the case then all those other games which don’t have violent in it would have been unsold in the market. Like Minecraft a very popular game in the world is played by gamers now also, it doesn’t have any violent but still, it’s one of the most purchased games in the world.

4. Games teaches us bad languages:

Bad Language

This point is not true because like a kid learns his/her mother-tongue listening to his/her parents and other languages for their surrounding likewise kids may learn bad languages from parents or surroundings.

5. Playing games make them lazy and make them away from responsibility:

Lazy Gamer

Yeah, I agree that gamers become a little lazy but it depends on person to person and about the responsibilities they learn various things from games like from the game Civilization they know about history, from Minecraft they know about managing things, from Warcraft, Apex Legends, PUBG, etc teaches us about teamwork and coordination.

6. “Are you a kid, playing games at the age of 30”:

Are you a Kid

If you are a gamer and you are 30 years old or more then you have heard this in your life more than one time “Are you a small kid?”. It’s very annoying right well let me tell you one thing a famous Professor Daphne Bavelier from the University of Geneva showed that the average age of games who play video games is 30 to 33 years old. So, from today if anyone tells you “Are you a kid” then just show them this:

7. Games are not medically useful for kids:

Games for Medical

Games in VR helps people in recovering from Phobias, painful illnesses and even addictions. There’s a game named Foldit which is made in such a way that it cures Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Here you can read an article on this game: Computer Game Could Help Cure Diseases

8. People strain their eyes playing video games:

Strain Eyes

At some point “Yes” it damages your eyes but if you are looking at a screen in a dark room or you are studying in dim light for a long time then it will damage your eyes. In research, doctors found that playing a First-Person shooter game for one hour can help someone who is suffering from Amblyopia or Lazy Eye and it has shown to be much more effective than a wearing an eye-patch (it’s a treatment for the lazy eye). But playing games for a long time even in good light it will damage your eyes, so you should give some rest to your eyes time-to-time.

9. Games don’t make people much of a social kind of guy:

Social Gamers

This point is false because nowadays the multiplayer games which are been released are based on teamwork and for teamwork, you have to communicate with others. So, a video game connects people from different part of the world. Games like PUBG, Apex Legends, Overwatch, CS Go, Dota, Call of Duty, etc are teamwork games. Also, from the last couple of years, a new genre has been very popular i.e. Battle Royal, which is a very much of teamwork gameplay and the players have to communicate to win the game.

10. “Games have no scope so go and study”:

Scope in Gaming

You have heard this word from your parents which is pretty annoying to hear all the time.

So, from now if someone says you “Just go and Study” just show them this:


And tell them to read about careers in gaming: Career in Gaming

Now, as you know anything to do is good but overdoing is bad likewise playing games is good but only playing games is bad. So, here is some negative point of too much playing of games:
  1. Loosing focus on work:

    Achieving low grades in school as you choose playing games over doing homework or study for exams. Argumentativeness with everyone who stops you to play games. In the case of older games loss interest in office works, not regular to office, etc.

  2. Poor Concentration:

    Games have a very low time of concentration means short term concentration whereas people who don’t play games have long term concentration.

  3. Increase Anxiety:

    This problem is the most common problems in games is that they just want to pass their time with playing games, the anxiety to play games increases day by day if you are playing too much.

  4. Physical Health Issues:

    Continuous gaming increases the physical health problems like muscle pain, skeletal disorders (happens very rarely), the most common problem is Obesity.

Information for Parents

  • Be a parent who know what is best for your son:

    Pay attention to your child’s behavior. For example, if your son has an aggressive kind of nature then you shouldn’t give them to play games which have violent gameplay. You should know when to say yes and when to say no to your son.

  • Be a caring parent:

    Don’t just give your kid the remote of the TV or the X-Box controller in their hands. Teach them there are many creative things to do other than this like Music, Art, and Crafts, Books, etc.

  • Teach them to take their responsibilities:

    Complete their homework first then do other stuff, clean up their room, making their beds, take good care of the grades.

  • Don’t let them become lazy:

    If your kid is playing or doing any indoor stuffs them encourage them to go outside interact with old kids play with them, do some physical work.


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