Amazon has been launching Alexa in-build Echo devices for the last 3-4 years now. The amazon echo segment has been a very in-demand product to their customers. The voice-activated Bluetooth speaker has done a brilliant job in the mind of the customers. But the amazon echo has just one problem or complaint from their customers is that it’s not up to the mark for music or audio capability. This device lacks some of the audio equipment’s which could offer great audio quality.


But this year Amazon has fulfilled that gap as well, by releasing the all-new Amazon Echo Studio which is capable of an enhanced audio quality which comes with a Woofer, 3D audio mixes, and Dolby Atmos.  

Due to the 3D audio mixes and Dolby Atmos, the music experience, as well as the cinematic experience, has improved a lot more than before. You can connect the speaker with your TV or PC to get a budget substitute for a home theatre.


The Amazon Echo Studio is gonna compete with some of the high-end smart speakers from Apple, Bowers & Wilkins and Sonos and with the trust of Amazon I guess the Amazon Echo Studio would win the race as the price of the Echo Studio is less than the other brands at this price segment.

This Echo Studio is the power-packed with audio equipment’s which includes 5¼-inch sub-woofers, three mid-range speakers, a 1-inch front-facing tweeter Alexa enabled all under $200 whereas the Apple Homepod is priced at $349. So, you decide which one is good for you which fits your pocket.

Now let’s see whether the Amazon Echo Studio could impact the customer’s mind, let’s find out….

  • Design
  • Mechanism

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The Echo Studio comes with a very unique design from the bottom but the structure of this is just the same as the older echo devices i.e. cylindrical. There’s a small gap in between the base and the top where the sub-woofer is been located upside down which gives a very good bass due to the less gap. But this speaker is not easily portable as it’s sized around 8.1-inch high and 6.9-inch wide (206 mm x 175 mm) also weighs around 3.5kg (7.7lb).

  • Immersive sound – 5 speakers produce incredible bass, dynamic mid-range, and fresh highs. Dolby Atmos’ innovation includes space, clearness, and profundity.
  • Prepared to help – Ask Alexa to play music, read the news, and answer questions.
  • Voice control your music – Stream melodies from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With Amazon Music HD, play 50 million tunes in HD in addition to a developing library of music aced in 3D.
  • Adjusts to any room – Automatically faculties the acoustics of your space, calibrating playback for ideal sound.
  • Worked in the keen home center – Ask Alexa to control Zigbee-good gadgets.
  • Keep your family in a state of harmony – Use your Alexa gadgets like radio and converse with any room in the house with Drop in and Announcements.
  • Intended to ensure your security – Built with numerous layers of protection controls, including an amplifier off button that electronically separates the mics.
How it performs with the TV:

When it comes to wireless connection this device is perfect for a compact setup with the TV and with the Amazon Fire Stick, the compatibility is great. With the Amazon Fire Stick 4k model, the Amazon Echo Studio enhances the quality of the experience even more due to the Dolby Atmos support.

Rather than a home theatre, the Amazon Echo Studio is also a better substitute for a soundbar as it cost the same or less but it requires a lot of space. The Echo Studio will give a very bassy sound and due to the tweeter and 3 speakers, the clarity will very close to a premium soundbar.

If you are not watching TV, due to the voice-controlled Alexa you can play music in just one command and as it’s at the place where the TV is location so I guess it will be at the center, so the surround sound experience will be a great advantage with the Dolby Atmos, 3D audio mixer Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio duo with TV

Additionally, if you could bring home one more Echo Studio than the stereo experience will double with the mini 2.1 setups providing 2 woofers and 6 speakers.



The Amazon Echo Studio comes at $199/£189.99 / AU$329, Amazon has made its best speaker yet. It’s aggressive, adaptable, fill different needs and comes at a low-value point that solitary an organization with the size of Amazon could intensely accomplish.

It’s a blustering speaker, pressed brimming with brilliant home and right-hand tech, however keen sound contemplations as well. At its best, its 3D sound impacts inhale new life into your main tunes, while even best-case scenario it stays a brutally competent keen speaker. Also, that is before thinking about its meriting place on your TV, as well.

Buy Now or Later?

Be that as it may, at this value direct, any reasonable person would agree that Amazon isn’t simply pursuing audiophile ears – it needs everybody’s ears and is hoping to sentiment them with an enticing harmony between sound quality and reasonableness. On the off chance that you’ve yet to grab an Amazon Echo speaker, the Amazon Echo Studio is the one to purchase.

Amazon Echo Studio: $199 (Amazon)

Echo (3rd Gen): $99.99 (Amazon)

Echo Show 5: $79.99 (Amazon).

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